Lewis Family Playhouse - Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre

RC Theatre Arts Guild

Many of those who call the Lewis Family Playhouse their "home theatre" enjoy taking the stage and starring on the many plays and musical performed here. However, a great deal of joy is also shared by the many volunteers who work behind the scenes and on special fund raising and promotion projects. Be a part of the award-winning Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre! Please consider joining us for one of the many support activities or social or special events!

Future RC Theatre Arts Guild Members backstage and raising money during Summer 2010's Peter Pan

The RC Theatre Arts Guild exists to provide support to the Rancho Cucamonga Community theatre as well as social activity for its members and supporters.

To achieve this mission...

The RC Theatre Arts Guild will provide support through:

  • Fund raising assistance
  • Marketing and promotion assistance
  • Production assistance and support

The RC Theatre Arts Guild will provide/create social interaction through:

  • Dinner gatherings with special guest speakers
  • Member workshops and special events

Members will also receive the following benefits:

  • Ticket discounts and special offers when available
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Advance notice of auditions and the ability to make appointments

There is currently no fee to join. The Guild may decide to implement dues in the future.

Current goals for the RC Theatre Arts Guild include:

Raising funds to reduce or eliminate the member/participation fee for productions

  • Monthly restaurant dinner fund raisers with keynote speakers of interest
  • Produce/support two or three annual special event fund raisers
  • Solicit monetary and in-kind donations to the Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre
  • Provide back stage volunteers for productions

To make a contribution to the Rancho Cucamonga Community Theatre (via a Lewis Family Playhouse Membership), please click here.