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Our Mission

Mainstreet Theatre Company

Mission statement

MainStreet Theatre Company provides imaginative, professional theatre productions specifically designed for youth, school and family audiences, mainly adapted from classic and contemporary children’s literature.


MainStreet believes in the power of live theatre to change lives, and that children deserve to see the same level of artistry and production values as adults do. This is often reflected in visually unique interpretations of classic and contemporary children's literature.

As an integral component of the Lewis Family Playhouse’s programming, MainStreet Theatre Company presents stories that aim to spark a child’s imagination, encourage them to reflect, and to discuss what they’ve experienced with friends, teachers and family members.

While we are not educators, MainStreet’s vision includes putting the plays into a wider context and is committed to creating tools to help teachers and parents talk about the stories or themes of the play with young people, to enhance their experience of being audience members.


We believe that great theatre sparks the imagination and encourages children to see the world in new ways.

We believe that theatre allows children to picture themselves in other people’s shoes, inspiring empathy for people who might be different than they are.

We aim to be good role models, so we gravitate toward stories where the protagonist is essentially “good”, and even though some characters might be flawed, by the end of the story the audience should understand that kindness, honesty and compassion are traits to admire and strive for.

With our storytelling, we aim to include many ideas and cultures, and with our casting, we aim for children to see themselves not only in the characters, but also in the people who inhabit those characters on our stage.

Because many children are seeing theatre for the first time when they come to a MainStreet Theatre Company production, we take the responsibility of introducing them to this art form extremely seriously, and constantly strive for excellence.