Lewis Family Playhouse - Education and Outreach

Play Partners - How it Works

Schools may request Play Partners Program tickets for any performance offered at 11:15 a.m. for any of the MainStreet Theatre Company productions. Based on donations received, eligible schools are welcome to request up to 250 complimentary or reduced price tickets and / or bus funding (up to $500), total not to exceed $2000 per year through the Play Partners Program, administered by the staff of the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center.

Special considerations will be made for the following:

  1. Title 1 Schools
  2. Schools who have 50% or more reduced lunch program participants
  3. Schools with minimal theatre arts curriculum
  4. Schools who have not participated in the Play Partner’s Program for 2 years
  5. Other schools who can prove a need for financial help with school field trips

Please understand that these complimentary tickets are intended to assist schools that would not otherwise be able to attend a performance. The Play Partners tickets cannot be used for attendance at performances that are already booked by your school, but are intended to provide additional opportunity for more classes to attend, if desired. Additional tickets - to be used in conjunction with Play Partners Tickets - can be purchased at the regular school group price of $8.00 each. See Request Form for exact dates.

Please only request the number of tickets that you are committed to using, as the Program Donors wish for as many students to attend as possible with no seats left empty.

If you are approved for funding, teachers and students will be required to fill out a survey after they have attended the field trip. These surveys will allow us to continue to receive funding for the program, as well as give us valuable feedback about how the program is working.

In addition, you will be requested to provide letters or drawings from students or teachers regarding their experience. These will be used for marketing and promotional materials and will be shared with our funders.